I was in the Wall Street Journal

I forgot to mention that I was in the Wall Street Journal at the end of April, in an article about taking your data with you when you’re laid off.

The part about me:

When Tony Scida was laid off recently from his proofreader position at a small advertising agency in Richmond, Va., he didn’t take any email contacts from his computer because he signed a non-compete agreement. That didn’t much matter. He found most of them on Facebook and LinkedIn, and can contact them there.

Go read the rest of the article for the full story.


The only statistic that matters

Two weeks ago this Thursday I was laid off from my job. On the way home, I listened to smart people on NPR talking about the jobless rate and government bailouts. I’d like to say that I heard what they were discussing from a different perspective, as I drove home contemplating resume revisions and wondering how the unemployment process works. But really, I didn’t. Talking about people’s lives in the agregate is just plain hard to relate to. And smarter people than me think about these macroeconomic issues on a daily basis. I decided that all I could do was reach out to everyone I know, and most of the people they know, and do what I can to disunemploy myself. What’s your plan to get through this economic turmoil?