Richmond Balance Bootcamp, Day 1

This is NOT what I looked like. I have more hair.

Today was my first day of Richmond Balance’s 8-week bootcamp program. I’m still alive. I think. I guess it remains to be seen.

The ┬ásessions are held at Libby Hill Park, which I’ve never really been to before. The views of the city from Libby Hill are nice, both in the pitch black we had at the beginning of the session and as the Sun began to rise.

I didn’t quite make it down there right on time, so I missed some stretching and whatever introductions there were. It sucks that I was late, but, hey, I’m not used to getting up that early.

I was, without a doubt, the worst person in the class this morning. Which, I guess, makes me a good candidate for most improved. I mean, when you start this far down the fitness continuum, there’s nowhere to go but up, right?

Day 2 is Wednesday. If I don’t make it, I leave my iPhone to Sharif as spare parts to fix his busted one.