How to duplicate a DVD in Mac OS X

I needed to duplicate a DVD at work today (relax, it wasn’t a Hollywood movie or anything, just needed to create a backup of a DVD), which I had never done before. After a few false starts, I found out it was really quite easy. I’m throwing this up here in case it helps someone else facing the same task.

Here are the steps I took:

  1. Insert the original DVD you intend to copy
  2. Open Disk Utility
  3. Click “New Image” at the top of the window (the icon looks like a hard drive on a piece of paper with a plus sign next to it)
  4. Choose a format and destination (I chose “DVD/CD master”)
  5. When the image is done being created, it will show up on the left hand side of the window, you can now eject the original DVD
  6. Select the image and click Burn, then follow the prompts to insert a blank writeable DVD