My new site:

A couple of weeks ago I had an idea for a new site to highlight the best of what can be streamed on services like Netflix and Hulu. I love streaming movies and

TV shows, but it can be hard to find the gems in the sea of dreck that clogs the library of every streaming service. (Understandably, content providers aren’t interested in streaming their best content until they’ve had a change to wring out every dollar of DVD or premium television money).

With help from some friends, I came up with a name, worked through some logo options, got WordPress 3 thrown up on a server, found a template and launched the site this past weekend. Qworthy isn’t a movie review site, so don’t look there for deep analysis of themes and characters or even for simple ratings. It will just feature content I find interesting, presented with a modicum of snark. Because, really, what is life without snark?

I’ve also started up a Twitter account, so follow along and let me know when you find something you think the world needs to know can be streamed. Also, if you’d like to contribute posts for the site, shoot me an email. Right now I’m aiming for one post a day, but if I can get more contributors the limits are only theoretical.

Special thanks to Sharif from 28Media for helping to set everything up and find the theme.


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