Three Reasons to Sponsor my iPad

For those who have asked, yes my iPad sponsorship experiment is still going. I have two sponsors locked in and I am looking for more. One thing people have asked me, is why they should sponsor my iPad. In an effort to explain things a little better, here are just three of the reasons you should join the experiment:

  1. No one else is doing it. If you search Google for iPad sponsor, the first relevant result is my last post. This experiment hasn’t generated the kind of traction previous novel sponsorship have… yet. But if it succeeds, you can bet it will garner some attention.
  2. Everyone wants to see/touch an iPad. Why don’t I let analyst Michael Gartenberg speak for me here: “iPads attract attention. If you travel with one, get used to giving demos to those around you. It’s par for the course for early adopters. I expect that the novelty will wear off sometime by the start of fall.”
  3. The most popular post ever on this blog was an iPhone app review. And I plan to do a whole series of iPad and iPad app reviews. Not of main-stream apps that everyone is posting reviews of, but of specific apps that do and connect to things that I am passionate about. As I mentioned before, that Sonos iPhone app review got 10,000 unique views in one day—imagine if your logo was at the bottom of that post as a sponsor?

The bottom line: I told my existing sponsors that I would take my iPad with me to a conference in Aspen, and I am not going to let them down—I just need two more sponsors to make it happen. Contact me today at my email address on twitter @tonyskyday to sign up.

My iPad Sponsors are Aaron Dotson (on behalf ofVirginia Supportive Housing) and Wine and Beer Westpark.