Sponsor my iPad Update

This is a quick update to yesterday’s Sponsor my iPad post. I’ve got my first two iPad sponsors: Aaron Dotson (on behalf of Virginia Supportive Housing) and Wine and Beer Westpark (my favorite local source of home libations). I’ve still got a long way to go to get my iPad, but the early results are promising. If you know someone who might be interested, please share this post (you can tweet it, too).

Here’s a quick summary of the original post: I want an iPad, and in order to buy one, I’m asking for sponsors. Each sponsor will have their logo placed on the back of the iPad, which I will show off where ever I go, including all around Richmond and to conferences in places like Aspen. I’m accepting a maximum of eight sponsors, because that’s how many will fit on the back of the iPad.

If I get to four sponsors, I will buy the iPad, but here’s the new wrinkle: if I get all eight sponsors, I’ll not only buy the sponsored iPad, but also a second to give away. (The second iPad will not have any logos affixed to it—the winner will receive a pristine iPad in the original packaging.)

Contact me today at my email address on twitter @tonyskyday to sign up.