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Some people think it’s the most revolutionary computing device every produced. Others think it’s the worst thing that could to happen to computing. Some people think it’s nothing compared to some imaginary future Linux or Windows-based tablets. But, all these opinions have one thing in common: everyone is talking about the iPad.

When the iPhone was released, it was a revolution of its own. Any time someone pulled an iPhone out of his pocket, everyone in the room wanted to see it. And the iPad won’t be any different. It is going to be a show piece that everyone, everywhere just has to see, touch, and experience.

And I want one. Badly.

So here’s my proposal: I want to find up to eight brands or companies to sponsor my iPad in exchange for logo placement on the back of the iPad. I will use the sponsorship money to purchase an iPad, and produce high-quality vinyl stickers of the sponsors’ logos to decorate the back. 

What’s in it for sponsors? Well, everyone who sees my beautiful new device will, of course, see your logo. I’ll blog and tweet the whole experience (including iPhone app reviews, like this Sonos app review which received 10,000 views in a single day). I’ll show off the iPad and my sponsors to everyone who comes near me. And I’ll take the iPad with me on business trips, like the PRSA Travel Conference in Aspen.

So, contact me today at my email address on twitter @tonyskyday to sign up.

UPDATE: Mere minutes in, and I’ve got my first sponsor—thanks Aaron Dotson for contributing on behalf of Virginia Supportive Housing! Email me to join some great company.

UPDATE 2: And I’ve got a second sponsor—thanks Matt from Wine and Beer Westpark. Definitely check out his blog, they are doing some cool stuff over at WBW. And check out their swarm party on the cover of the latest issue of Richmond Grid.


2 thoughts on “Sponsor my iPad

  1. Your brilliance knows no bounds.
    I kinda wanna see one before I go full-on fanboy. Can I look at yours with it’s cool stickers?

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