Naming Ain't Easy… Right?

After losing the Richmond Braves to the suburbs of Atlanta, Richmond will once again have a minor-league baseball team in 2010, though this team will be AA.

The group behind the team and the Richmond Times-Dispatch are holding a competition to pick the name of the team from a list of five finalists:

  • Richmond Rock Hoppers
  • Richmond Rhinos
  • Richmond Flatheads
  • Richmond Flying Squirrels
  • Richmond Hambones

I get what they are going for there, I’m just not sure they’ve succeeded. (On a side note, if you want to be compelled to wash your eyes out with acid, have a look at this RTD page where you can vote on your favorite name.)

I think Richmond can do better than that. I am throwing down the challenge here (which I will promote on Twitter): I think we can come up with 100 names that are all better than these five. Leave your suggestions in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Naming Ain't Easy… Right?

  1. The Richmond Rapids (although James River High School on the Southside already has this name)

    The Richmond Rafters (could be a double meaning for rafting the river and hitting the ball in the rafters of the Diamond)

    The Richmond Rebels (also already taken by Freeman High School, but try as we may to forget, our city was the capital of the Confederacy)

    The Richmond Frozen Ropes

    The Richmond Ribbies (or however you spell the slang term for RBI’s)

  2. Richmond Rapids.

    How about Titans, since we will be the Giants affiliate?

    What is a rock hopper anyway? How about the Richmond Rockies?

    What about the Rivermen, to play up our port heritage? Explorers and even Bateaus would work.

    How about the Richmond Revolution, or Richmond Rev & play up the Nascar link?

    The Richmond (or Virginia) Capitals has a nice ring to it also.

  3. Unbelievable that this is such a lackluster group of names. For the record, I THINK rockhopper is a fish that might be in the James.

    I like: Rapids, Rivermen, Monuments, and Rafters. These are all out there. Need to think of some of my old.

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