Why timesdispatch.com sucks

While I’m sure everyone over at Media General means well and wants to do a good job gathering and delivering the news, the design of their news sites continues to be just terrible. I realize it is easy to criticize, but as a consumer, I find their sites almost unusable. For instance, if there is a photo included with a news story, this is how it looks when it loads in my browser:

RTD Circuit City Story

Alright, so I’ve got that I’m looking at the Richmond Times-Dispatch web site. And I’ve got that it’s local news. Ah, good, it’s an article about Circuit City, that seems interesting. Wait, is this the whole article? That just looks like a picture caption. Oh, then I scroll down and find the story. Am I rewarded for my hunting expedition by enlightening and informative news? No! It is a 65-word story telling me what I already learned from the headline and not much more.

Surely there is a better way to present the news, even on RT-D budgets.

And don’t get me started on the URLs.


One thought on “Why timesdispatch.com sucks

  1. Not to mention the enormous amount of space taken up by ads, strange icons in menus, rotating weather bar that you can’t stop, social bookmarks in too many places, multiple slideshows on the homepage… the list really does go on.

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