Your Blog is Terrible

My coworker, Dan Durazo, approaches that question in his most-recent blog post. It’s a sentiment I’ve heard before. And Dan offers some guidelines for creating a better corporate blog. But, I think there is one thing that people are forgetting: most blogs suck, whether corporate or not. So, in that sense, companies are people too. As Dan pointed out, Technorati, a blog search engine, counts at least 112 million blogs around the web. They also claim that 175,000 new blogs are created every day.

Think about the sheer numbers. Sure, there are almost 7 trillion people in the world, but only about 1.5 trillion are online. That means we aren’t far from 10% of the internet-connect population of the world being bloggers. Most of those bloggers are amateurs who put their ideas out there for free. By comparison, there are only a few hundred TV channels, many of which share the same content across sister networks — far less content than produced by blogs — and still most of what airs is not good.

So don’t feel bad that your blog is no good. I don’t.


3 thoughts on “Your Blog is Terrible

  1. My husband has taken to pointing out that there are 175,000 blogs, and 150,000 readers of blogs. Oh, well, who cares? is what I say.

    I didn’t start my blog to be famous; I started it bcs I kept wanting to tell somebody something, but I couldn’t think of but 3 people who’d be interested.

    There still are only 3 people interested, but I get the comments out of my system.

    And you are SO right about the TV channels, w/ really a limited supply of content, and most of it isn’t any good.

    (thanks for dropping by on my blog, and mentioning the grammar fixes on the signs at your old job)

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