Couching the Olympics

Hope Solo will kick your ass.

Hope Solo will kick your ass.

Even though I prefer the Winter Olympics, overall, it’s been hard not to tune in to NBC every night to catch the mostly tape-delayed Olympics broadcast. With events in almost 40 different categories, you would think there would be something different on every time I tuned in. Well, you’d be wrong. I am so tired of seeing diving, that I can’t even explain it. I thought I liked diving, actually. It’s a beautiful and artful sport, but between the sheer amount and the low quality of the NBC coverage, I am just sick of it. And the coverage was pretty poor — I never knew what the heck I was watching at any given time. First it was women doing syncronized diving off of a low spring board. Is that event called something? I expected the announcers to maybe share that with us at some point during the coverage. Another day it was younger women doing syncronized diving. What was the difference? Are their age groups? I have no idea. It just seemed to always be on, and I’m sick of it. I don’t want to see any diving again for a long time.

Gymnastics is always fun to watch. The things those men and women (or little girls, as the case may be) do are just incredible. I don’t think I could float through the air like that in zero gravity. I feel bad for Nastia Liukin. She just couldn’t catch a break.

People seem to really like beach volleyball, which I suppose is understandable. Most guys will watch anything involving women in bikinis. Though I find Misty and Keri a little frightening. U.S. soccer (do I need to call it football for the Olympics) goalie Hope Solo is more my speed. NPR is all in a tizzy over the clothing the beach volleyball players wear. Listeners wrote in to say that bikinis aren’t necessary for playing beach volleyball. Though I don’t see how their outfits are much different from what the track and field competitors wear. But I guess the point is that the coverage doesn’t slowly zoom in on the track stars’ butts.

Hands down the most ridiculous event has to be racewalking. A couple dozen people walking around a mall parking lot as fast as they can. I’m sure it’s a difficult event, and it certainly takes a great deal of conditioning. But it just looks so silly. Of course, they all walk faster than I can run, so who am I to judge?


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