Time for a change

This site has been through a number of changes in the few years I’ve had it; going from plain HTML to versions using off-the-shelf PHP CMSes, to a home-rolled, Django-powered blog. It was a lot of fun to build all of those sites. Well, OK, some were more fun than others, but I always learned a lot. While I really like Django, the most recent version of my site was frustrating, because I didn’t have time to add the kind of features I wanted the site to have.

As much as I enjoy digging into code and building something of my own, I am not a programmer by trade, and just don’t have the time to both code the site and fill it with content. One day I may have a CMS of my own design powering the site again, because I have learned a ton about Django and Python in the time since I originally moved my site off of Mambo/Joomla. But, for now I’m now pointing my domain at WordPress.com, and letting the fine folks at Automattic figure out all the hard parts. I may or may not try to transfer over my previous posts and comments.

Hopefully that means more frequent updates and an all-around better-maintained site — and perhaps that will mean someone may read this site once in a while!


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