Via Cliff Kuang writing on kottke.org: Displacements, an interactive art installation by Michael Naimark. (Cliff actually linked to this blog post about the installation, which has some great info and pictures of the installation.)

I would love to see this in person. I don’t know if it was intended, but this is a neat way to demonstrate how TV works (at least as I understand it). The color information is overlaid in lower-resolution over full-fidelity grayscale information, exploiting the way our brains interpret luminance and¬†chrominance. When you see the low-res color picture projected on the real-life, but colorless, background, it’s incredibly sharp and realistic. Then when the action of the projected movie veers from the static background, the image looks dull and flat again.

Disclaimer: I’m sure I’ve gotten some of the technical details wrong, as I have only the most basic grasp of the way TV signals actually work. Corrections are welcome, but be nice!